Information was Fossilated 88

size: 165×89×135(h)cm, 215pieces Wheeled metal shelf×5

medium: ceramic・iron・wood・print

year: 1986-88


Information was Shut B

size: 60×60×150(h)cm

medium: ceramic・iron・concrete・print

year: 1989

Information was Shut C

size: 60×60×150(h)cm

medium: ceramic・iron・wood・print

year: 1989

Wreck of Time 90

size: 110×110×53(h)cm

medium: Volcanic ash・FRP・ceramic・iron・wood・paint

year: 1990


size: 490×390×227(h)cm

medium: ceramic・print

year: 1990-92

Newspaper 08

size: installation in the space of 10×15×3(h)m

medium: polyester・silkscreen print

year: 1997-2008

Work S-10

size: 210×130×180(h)cm

medium: slug of daily life garbage・iron・ceramic・tree

year: 2010

Work2000-Memory of Twenty Century

size: 20x10m, 25(h)cm, 9,000 pieces

medium: old ceramic kiln brick・over the print

year: 1984-2013


size: 9 Work14-TM 220×220×200(h)cm etc. 11 pieces

medium: slug of daily life garbage・volcanic ash・FRP・ceramic・iron・wood・paint

year: 2014


size: 265×130×250(h)cm

medium: slug of daily life garbage・iron・wood・paint

year: 2014

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